Are you ready to shift?

Welcome to Berkana Grove.

Are you ready for a shift?  A shift in clarity? A shift in purpose? Your shift brings a release that is healing.  Healing brings movement; from being stuck into motion.  Movement is a healthy natural state; in contrast, a trauma response is a state of stagnation which can be experienced as physical pain, confusion, fear, or numbness, to name a few. You can learn to see where you are, whether stuck or traumatized, and choose to either heal or respond in denial or dissociation. 

At Berkana Grove, we teach meditation and healing techniques that lead toward self-knowledge and wholeness. Learn tools to advance individually and collectively in growth, awareness, and coherence within the body and soul.  

What We Do

We are all on a quest for something more or something different. Sometimes knowing what form our transformation will take eludes us. Finding clarity on a puzzling issue, healing an old wound, or focusing our attention on what we know needs work can be challenging. Berkana Grove is here to help you move through these challenges. We teach healing techniques and provide insight to help people achieve health and wholeness. We provide a safe space to inquire about and resolve issues preventing you from living your authentic life. With the assistance and support of Berkana Grove, you can move towards seeing and knowing your deeper desires clearly – allowing you to choose a life full of meaning, purpose, and presence. 

What We Offer

Intuitive Readings – One on One Sessions

An Intuitive Reading will provide clarity, validation or energy healing on issues and help you make needed changes.

Small Group Classes

Learn Mediation and Healing Techniques

In-Person Group Events- what we have been waiting for!

Online Group Event- this is ever-changing

Fabulous Online Events