For Therapists

For Therapists ~

Classes and workshops for therapists are focused explicitly on healthy, energetic boundaries and using your practice to grow and heal to become more enlivened.

These techniques offer a powerful and dynamic way to validate yourself as a healer and be more effective as a therapist.

Through daily practice of 10 to 30 minutes, you can create a space where you can attract clients that genuinely want to heal or change. You can have the certainty that you are not responsible for your client’s healing, but instead, it is a partnership in healing. You benefit, and your client does.

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In the first two classes, you learn dynamic spiritual techniques. They are powerful yet simple. The first two classes are required for the more advanced courses.

Start here~ Three-day workshops for a minimum of five participants up to 10 max.  

The three-day workshops are $120.00 with a 50% discount on the full one-hour reading.

Introductory One Class~

Introductory One Class- This will help you start the process or deepen your awareness of your body by working with these simple yet powerful techniques. Grounding techniques, centering, and dynamic energies where you experience movement and stillness.

It is a beautiful experience of feeling your energy (spiritual) move within your body, gaining more control and awareness of yourself as an energetic being and of your body. Yes, it is true this works! Learn to work both body and spirit together, which creates coherence.

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Essential Two Class~

This builds upon the first class with new techniques. Gauges, present-time or presencing. Techniques on energetically clearing and creating a safe space, experiencing the difference between you and your body. Tuning into you and your body. A new perspective on emotions and why we have them. (the first class is required to join this class)

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Chakra Class ~

Chakras are energy centers that contain information that is specific to you. They unlock the book of you. You can access this information and learn to use your chakra system effectively. You will learn to clear debilitating energies, information that is not yours, and more.

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Self-Healing Projects ~

Focus on personal healing projects with support. This course is an opportunity to get more certainty in using the techniques taught. To have the help of the instructor and to share with other students if so desired.

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Intuitive Training ~

Spirit and body systems can guide you in your life. Each student can get clear and trust themselves again. How can you use these systems?

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