What is an Clairvoyant Reading ~

Reading sessions by Lara:

I have been providing professional readings and healing work for over 30 years.

I have both professional training and natural talent as an intuitive. I have learned to go into a light trance; I am not channeling, but instead, I tune into your energy system, and I see what is shown to me by you. Sometimes that is in symbols that I interpret. Other times it is a clear picture that I describe. There are times when I feel your energy imprint in my body when I align my system with yours. I am careful to keep my system clear, so I am not reading you through my issues or images and use techniques to maintain that unimpaired connection.

A session can be symbolic rose reading that describes you as a spiritual being in relationship to both the temporal and the divine. I look at some past lives (and most past lives are not fancy).

An aura reading is when I apprehend the seven layers of your aura and interpret its state and significance.

You may bring questions to these sessions. They are straightforward — I do not have a crystal ball or fake smoke. This reading will not be an appropriate session if you are looking for entertainment.

An intuitive session offers an opportunity for you to be seen from a neutral spiritual perspective and to receive healing working.

Why You Might Want a Reading~

You might need some clarity, validation, or healing work on a struggle or ongoing issue. You might want guidance about your spiritual path, where you are, and where you would like to be. These insights can give you a perspective from which you intentionally choose to make needed changes.

Individual reading sessions are available in 30-minute or one hour-long durations; meetings can be in person, via phone, or by video conference. Please click on the link below to schedule with me. Before our session, you are encouraged to write down questions to bring with you.

“Your brilliance has manifested already. Your authentic self is intact and waiting for you. Your life’s purpose is here for you to uncover.”
Lara Wood


“Healing is dynamic movement. Stillness is the act of being and nonresistance.”

In the first two classes, you learn dynamic spiritual techniques. They are powerful yet simple. The first two classes are required for the more advanced courses.
Start here~ Three-day workshops for a minimum of five participants up to 12 max.

The three-day workshops are $105.00 with a 50% discount on the full one-hour reading.

Introductory One Class~

This will help you start the process or deepen your awareness of your body by working with these simple yet powerful techniques. Grounding techniques, centering, and dynamic energies where you experience movement and stillness.

It is a beautiful experience of feeling your energy (spiritual) move within your body, gaining more control and awareness of yourself as an energetic being and of your body. Yes, it is true this works! Learn to work both body and spirit together, which creates coherence.

Basic One Class Schedule

Essential Two Class-

This builds upon the first class with new techniques. Gauges, present-time or presencing. Techniques on energetically clearing and creating a safe space, experiencing the difference between you and your body. Tuning into you and your body. A new perspective on emotions and why we have them. (the first class is required to join)

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Chakra Class ~

Chakras are energy centers that contain information that is specific to you. They unlock the book of you. You can access this information and learn to use your chakra system effectively. You will learn to clear debilitating energies, information that is not yours, and more.

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Self-Healing Projects ~

Focus on personal healing projects with support. This class is an opportunity to get more certainty in using the techniques taught. To have the help of the instructor and to share with other students if so desired.

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Intuitive Training ~

Spirit and body systems can guide you in your life. Each of us has this ability. How can you use these systems? How to get clear and trust yourself again. 

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